Offering five-star marina facilities in two of the most significant spots of Turkey, our company entered into business in a brand new manner in İstanbul Pendik and in Mugla Gocek with 972 mooring and 280 dry storage capacity.

Marinturk is effectuating the second chain marinas in our country in terms of operational integrity along with these attributions. Among our facilities, you may find; floating pontoons designed by the systems endowed with the highest standards in Mediterranean, shore power connection up to 250 amps, wireless internet connection, travel lifts capable of hoisting yachts up to 200 tons, high technological systems for disposal of all the wastes without causing any harms to the environment, 24 hours electronic security systems via camera control and all the other services you may require. We have an advanced substructure system that all the technical support you may need for your yacht on the maintenance and repair could thereupon be provided.


Runs all-time-preferable plants with its competent and cheerful personnel, the most qualified service available in the sector and satisfied customers.


Marinturk ensures absolute investor and customer satisfaction with an innovative and high quality service mentality.


Our customers are our priority: Our customers, whose needs and happiness is more important than anything else, are our priority. Every one of us works with the aim of ensuring unconditional “customer satisfaction” for the happiness and prosperity of all our partners.

We are the quality winners: We work with a perfectionist approach, for the sustainability of the quality service we provide. We define the standards by constantly raising the level of quality in the processes of production and service.

We are competitive: We initiate challenging competitions in the areas we carry out business. Our goal is to become the pioneers in every field. We are fast and agile. We provide the best for the first to our customers by working hard and challenging ourselves.

We achieve success together: We have a team spirit enriched with individual talents and knowledge. We consult each other and we learn together. We come over the challenges together, flourish with differences in approach and thus we embrace success together. 

We are result-oriented: Our goals are not the results we prospect but the beginning of what we will provide. The point where we reach the results always go beyond the expectations. The last result is always better than the previous ones and is instructive in many ways. We reach our goals with the determination to achieve success in mind and a never-ending patience.

Change gives us strength: With a courageous approach towards changes and innovations we examine, support and implement new ideas. Thanks to our innovative power which is shaped by different talents and knowledge we define the new opportunities in the market and we increase our ability to move by quickly and easily adapting to these changes and innovations.


As MARINTURK, our purpose is to provide marina services at high standards and become the leader in the sector by keeping close track of technology.


The COMMERCIAL GOAL of MARINTURK is to carry out works that would ensure efficiency and increase in capacity and to grow with a full capacity operation.


The market where MARINTURK performs business is anywhere there are yachts and yacht owners.


MARINTURK’s SERVICE POLICY is to provide high quality under the best conditions possible by giving particular importance to customer satisfaction.


MARINTURK’s ENVIRONMENT POLICY is to leave a healthy and clean environment for the future generations in order to maintain the sustainable living conditions for every single living being in the nature and support the development of national tourism with a sense of responsibility in the facilities it runs.


MARINTURK’s HUMAN RESOURCES POLICY is to establish a hardworking team of competent, respectful, innovative and moral staff who works under equal opportunities without any discrimination between race, language, religion and sex.


MARINTURK’s BUSINESS SENSE is shaped by the principle to protect not only its own rights but also the rights of its addressees within the framework of national and international laws.


MARINTURK’s SENSE OF COMPETITION aims at creating competition primarily in providing service.