All rights related to the website (herein referred to as The Website) with the domain name are owned by Beta Marina Liman ve Yat Çekek İşletmeciliği A.Ş.(herein referred to as MARINTURK.

MARINTURK shall not disclose any personel information transmitted electronically by the users via the Website to third parties apart from the the purposes and  the scope determained in the Confidiality Agreement.. 

Personel Information (herein referred to as “ Confidential Information”) to be received to identify the user shall include all kinds of information such as, -including but not limited to-  name and surname, phone no, email adress, credit card information. MARINTURK,  shall not disclose the personel information to any company or third party, unless otherwise stated and except for the following cases. These cases; 

- In case of fulfilling legal obligations arising from  the rules of Laws such as Laws, statutory decree, bylaws,etc. enacted by competent authorities;

- In the event that information related to the users is requested by the the competent legal outhorities in order to conduct  a search or an investigation duly.

MARINTURK, hereby undertakes to take all necessary actions and exercise due care in order to keep the personel information private and confidential,and to assume it as obligation for providing and maintaining the confidialtiy, and to prevent complete or any part of the confidential information from being disclosed to public or being used by any one without consent, or being exposed to any third party.      

In the event that the confidential information gets harmed by the attacs to the website and the system despite all necessary measures taken by MARINTURK for information safety, MARINTURK shall shall not have any responsibility.

MARINTURK, may obtain any information related to the users and the usage of the Website, or a techinical communication file by using Cookies.  The said technical commincation files are the tiny text files sent by a  web site, to the  the user’s browser, in order to keep it in the primary storage . The techinal communication file may be used for getting statitistical information about how many people used the the website, how many times and for which puproses they visited it, and how long they surfed teherin. Most of the browsers have been initially designed as they accept the communication files; however, if the users wish, they may modify their browsers’ settings in such a form that no technical communication file can reach, and it gives alarm when a techinical communication file is sent thereto.        

MARINTURK, may modify the “Confidential Agreement” provisions unilaterally at any time through publishing them on the Website  The modified provisions of the “Confidetial Agreement” enter into force as of the date they are published on the website.   


1. The user has to convey his/her  application for cancellation in written form to  MARINTURK’s e-mail address.

2. The Payments rendered by the SERVICE RECEIPENT via his/her credit card to the SERVICE SUPPLIER with the amount of the cost or under that limit, shall not be paid back unless he/she proofs that he/she rendered this payment wihout his/her consent or a court rules for refund.     

3.The  date of receipt of the email shall be taken in consideration for the cancellation procedure.

4. In the event that the payments are rendered via credit card, the amounts deducted by the bank considering the number of instalments  then  the excahnge rates of the deduction mentioned above shall be excercised on that remaining amount.    

5. In the event that The SERVICE RECEIPENT pays in TL (Turkish Liras),   the refund payments shall be shall be rendered in TL, and in case of payments in a foreign currency, the refund amount shall be calculated on the basis of the effective buying rate of  Turkish Central Bank on the date of payment. 

6. The refund transactions shall be done within 45 days for all the records of the payments rendered in cash or bay credit cards,

7. If the payment is rendered in instalments, the refund payment shall be made within 45 days from the last instalment date.

8. All refunds for the credit card payments and wire transfers shall be done in the same way.

9. In the event that the payment is received through wire transfer, the refund amount shall be transferred into the same bank account by which the wire transfer was conducted.  

10. In the event that the payment is received through a credit card, that amount shall be repayed into the said credit card account.  

11. In the event that the invoice is made out for a real person who is tax payer or for an entitity after the receipt of the payment, the refound transaction shall be done in return for a return invoice. 

12. Refund transactions for  the persons who are not tax payers shall be done only if  the return expense voucher is prepared.